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Adoring Enemies - Book 6 of Love Under Fire. Coming January

Cruise It Or Lose It - From Destination Romance

Ghosts of Grace Cottage

Destination Romance

A Serenity Press Anthology -  Ten travellers with escape on the mind get an unexpected  bonus when they stop by J'Adore Travel Boutique in Hearts Springs. Destination Romance includes the Carolyn Wren story 'Cruise It Or Lose It'

Music credit

Love Under Fire - Prequel to the Award Winning Series

Notes of Desire - Book One of Love Under Fire

Passion in Flames - Book Two of Love Under Fire

Glittering Obsession - Book Three of Love Under Fire

Susan May TV Show - Opening Credits

Emotion In Chains - Book Four of Love Under Fire

Dangerous Longing - Book Five of Love Under Fire

Angel In The Baking - from A Bouquet of Love